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Getting Started as a CASTANET Affiliate

Build recurring revenue providing a service professionals in your market desperately need. Here you’ll learn about:

  • What you sell, for how much
  • What your commissions are
  • What it takes to get started

Tremendous Earning Potential

100% First Month, 20% Ongoing

20 standard clients:
40 standard + 20 small team clients:
20 standard clients, 20 Small Team, 5 Full Service:

What You Do

Learn the Software

Knowledge is power, power will make you money. Learning the software and its benefits will make you an expert, which will make selling easy.

  • LinkedIn Certification program
  • Experienced support team to assist you
  • Sell with confidence

Network & Educate

Join your local Chamber of Commerce, BNI and other networking groups. Share your expertise and educate, don’t sell. People will come to you to learn more.

  • Build your personal brand
  • Become a trusted resource
  • Capitalize on connections

Signup & Setup

When your prospect is ready, just walk them through signing up (60 seconds), then set them up on their first campaign (10 minutes). This ensures a long lasting client.

  • Easy onboarding
  • We handle billing for you
  • New customers see quick results!

Product Overview Presentation

What Does it Cost to be an Affiliate?

$499 Training Fee

This puts you through our Linkedin Certification Program to ensure you’re a CASTANET expert. These skills will serve you for life.


This is the cost of your personal CASTANET account. You'll earn full commission on your own account, with the full $199 paid back the first month, and $40 back each and every month thereafter!

No Additional Fees! Get Started INSTANTLY. Apply Now

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