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Cloud Software That Runs Your Clients' LinkedIn Outreach

CASTANET handles time-intensive LinkedIn prospecting tasks for your clients – all day, every day.

  • Cloud-Based - nothing to install
  • Simple Setup - input search criteria and messaging sequences once, and CASTANET takes it from there
  • Multiple Profiles - your clients can manage one or many LinkedIn profiles

Identify Your Audience

Leverage all available LinkedIn tools to identify highly targeted lists of new leads.

  • LinkedIn search results
  • Sales Navigator results
  • Professional groups, and more!

Craft Your Message

Create unlimited messaging sequences with content tailored to your target audience.

Take action at the perfect time – CASTANET triggers these message sequences to occur, ensuring the perfect mix of touch points.

  • Send a connection invite
  • Request an appointment
  • Endorse for a skill

Cast Your Net

With your target defined and your custom messaging created, it's time to focus on what you do best, while CASTANET enhances your LinkedIn outreach.

  • Build your professional network
  • Generate new leads & appointments
  • Cultivate B2B relationships

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