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Build a Recurring Income Stream as a CASTANET Advisor to Local Professionals

94% of professionals underutilize LinkedIn. Sell our unique software to help them grow now!

  • Build recurring income
  • Minimal ongoing effort
  • Control your own time and effort
Our average client generates 34 new qualified leads per month using our software.

Build Recurring Income

Our service is a sophisticated cloud-based program that is billed on a monthly subscription. You get 100% of the first month, plus 20% of every month your clients stay on board

  • Sell once, earn monthly
  • You keep the first month's revenue
  • Income grows over time

Minimal Ongoing Effort

Once your client is setup using the software, your work is basically done. We will handle ongoing customer support. You check back once in a while to make sure they’re happy and ask for referrals.

  • You sell and collect monthly payouts
  • We handle ongoing customer support
  • We handle billing

Control Your Own Time & Effort

“Make what you’re worth”

You decide how hard to hit your market, and how much money you want to make. Need time off, take it. You control your own schedule (we answer your client support calls)

  • Control your income
  • Control your schedule
  • Own your life


CASTANET is cloud-based automation software that's on the job 365 days a year, managing your clients' LinkedIn engagement and keeping their funnels topped up.

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